Posted by: jonc | April 19, 2011

Microsoft, where is your documentation team?

I think Microsoft fired their documentation business unit.

It is apparent with all their major products. In particular Windows 7, Windows 2008, Exchange, they all are very poorly documented and hard to troubleshoot. When you confront Microsoft about this their response is “it should just work, if it doesn’t then call support. you shouldn’t have to read documentation to understand the product. if you have questions then post it to the forums or read blog posts.” I am very sorry but this does not work very well. I have opened my fair share of support cases and none have turned out well besides being wastes of time. The blog information is a patch work of non-linear information that you need to adapt and interpret to your particular problem. Posting to MS forums has also proved useless because if you’re having a real unique issue you are told to open a support case.

Some executive inside MS looking to cut costs decided he would cut all public documentation (i.e. Knowledge Base Articles) and then charge customers for “premium support” and this was an instant boost to the bottom line.

Where is the Microsoft I used to enjoy working with?



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